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After our first full year as Alberta Science Network we are delighted to share our Report to the Community!

We are very pleased to report to you our stakeholders that the provincial reorganization that we completed in early 2014 has generated significant operational and financial efficiencies. We’ve not only been able to reach more students and teachers with SEitC but we’ve been able to increase our focus on volunteer recruitment, reduce our overall level of administration, and standardize our operational processes including our teacher feedback process. And teacher feedback continues to be tremendously positive!

ASN Stakeholder Report 2014

Some highlights:

 - 53,310 students, teachers and members of the general public were reached

- 1,101 Scientists & Engineers-in-the-Classroom presentations to 30,475 students

 - 4,597 students experienced a Chemistry All Around You presentation

 - $0 cost to schools thanks to the generosity of ASN's supporters

Read the full report here.


Do you remember the “best day ever!” of your elementary school experience? Was it spent learning science?

ASN believes that science can and should be that much fun. Our mandate is to bring science to life by providing unique face-to-face experiences between grades K-12 students and teachers and subject matter experts. By making science fun, we increase students’ interest in science, their understanding of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts, and their knowledge of STEM careers. We also increase teachers’ understanding of science and provide them with hands-on ways to bring curriculum to life in their classrooms.

While the intermediate and long-term outcomes of our work are difficult to quantify, we know that increasing students’ interest in science is essential to increasing enrolment in high school and post-secondary STEM programs. Ensuring that our future workforce is scientifically literate, with the skills and knowledge needed for tomorrow’s job market, begins by getting kids excited about science, and providing teachers with the tools and information they need to teach science in a fun and innovative way.

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